giovedì 27 dicembre 2007

Update Android SDK - Version m3-rc37a

Si lo so, ho un pelino di ritardo ma recupero. E' uscita una nuova versione dell' SDK per lo sviluppo per Android.

Version m3-rc37a and ADT 0.3.3 were released on December 14, 2007.

Diversi sono i cambiamenti e sono minuziosamente riportati sul sito ufficiale

New Features
Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

* Now supports multiple emulators on one host computer. Please note that you need to use the -data option when starting secondary emulators, to allow those instances to save their data across sessions. Also, DDMS does not yet support debugging on multiple emulators yet.

ADT Plugin for Eclipse

* Adds editor capabilities for working with Android manifest files, such as syntax highlighting and autocompletion. The editor capabilities require the Web Tools WST plugin for Eclipse, which is included in most Eclipse packages. Not having WST does not prevent the ADT plugin from working. If necessary, you can download and install WST from the Web Tools Project downloads page. To update directly from an Eclipse installation, you can add a remote update site with this URL: . Note that installing WST on Eclipse 3.4 will require installing other packages, as detailed on the WTP downloads page.
* Now retries to launch the app on the emulator if it fails due to timing issues when the emulator is booting.
* Adds support for loading custom skins from the /lib/images/skins/ directory. The Skin dropdown in the Emulator tab is now built from the content of the skins/ directory in order to support developer-made skins.
* Adds an Emulator control panel. This is a UI on top of the emulator console that allows you to change the state of the network and gsm connection, and to initiate incoming voice call. (This is also present in standalone DDMS.)
* Adds support for referenced projects. Android projects will add to the apk package any code from referenced projects.
* Eclipse console now warns if an .apk that is pushed to the device declares the same package as another already installed package.
* Java classes generated by the Eclipse plugin are now marked as derived automatically, so that Team plugins do not consider them as regular source.

Emulator Console

* Now provides support for emulating inbound SMS messages. The ADT plugin and DDMS provide integrated access to this capability. For more information about how to emulate inbound SMS from the console, see SMS Emulation.


* The default emulator skin has been changed to HVGA-P from QVGA-L. For information about emulator skins and how to load a specific skin when starting the emulator, see Using Emulator Skins.

Sono stati risolti anche diversi problemi:

Resolved Issues

adb -version now returns a version number.

Audio on Windows is fixed and is no longer 'choppy'.
Removed Manifest File Locking on Mac OS X

ADT plugin now uses a custom java editor for, to make those files non-editable. This is to replace the current locking mechanism which causes issues on Mac OS (preventing projects from being deleted). Note that your project must recompile at least once for the lock to be removed from the files.
The following known issues noted in m3-rc20 are now fixed:

* 890937: Emulator does not support non-qwerty keyboards.
* 894618: adb shell may fail to connect when used the first time.
* 896274: On Windows, the emulator window may start off-screen.
* 899949: The emulator may fail to start with -useaudio on some environments.
* 912619: Emulator console listens on non-local ports 5554-5584.
* 917399: On Windows, running multiple emulator consoles can result in unexpected behavior when simulating incoming telephone calls.

Known Issues

Unless otherwise noted, known Issues from m3-rc22a also apply to m3-rc37a.

Non c'è che dire, una release molto interessante. Mettiamoci al lavoro!
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