domenica 20 gennaio 2008

War§ow 0.4

Chi ha detto che su Gnu/Linux non si può giocare?

Senza citare il ben noto Wine, che permette di girare più o meno bene i giochi nativi per windows, parliamo dei giochi nativi per Gnu/Linux. O ancora meglio di un gioco multipiattaforma. Warsow.
Un gioco che oramai ha sulle spalle un paio di anni che promette di dare una scossa al mondo del Progaming fissato su più blasonati ma poco profondi titoli.
E' uscito ieri sera in una nuova versione, ancora beta.
Riportiamo la news del sito originale
Finally! After 8 months of non-stop ( coding, mapping, modelling, drawing, fighting, balancing and analyzing, the Warsow team has finally reached yet another milestone in its development cycle! I am very proud to announce the next major release of Warsow: version 0.4!

Let's get right at it, what will 0.4 bring? A small summary of some of the major changes (for a detailed overview, check out the changelog):

§ WarsowTV
- broadcast matches in-game to a large amount of viewers
- Full multipov streaming
- Added small minimaps for watchers

§ Engine
- New advanced renderer features (bumpmapping, specularmapping, shadowmapping)
- Optimizations! Increased performance over 0.3
- Outlines now handled by engine, ability to switch on or off
- Profiles: ability to quickly use some predefined graphic settings

§ Maps
- Replaced old wdm2 by TdM's/bLx' Chromo Dynamic
- Replaced old wdm11 by Grumx' Rage
- New TDM maps by Daze: wdm8 - Baxandall and wdm19 - Format
- New TDM map by jal/Daze: wdm9 - Supersym
- New duel map: wdm10 - Deflected
- Retextured most maps to take advantage of new renderer features

§ Models
- New Weapon model: Instagun
- New Player model: Bobot

§ Gametypes
- Tweaked iTDM (domination style gametype)
- New CTF rules
- Added Duel Arena (1v1 ClanArena)

§ Bots
- Advanced movement (bunny hopping, dashing and wall jumping)
- Ability to time items
- More natural behaviour

§ Tweaked movement system
- Added forward bunny hopping
- Increased gravity, compensated by higher jump strength

§ Tweaked weapon settings
- Gunblade: Regenerates ammo, instant fire, added splash damage (trickable!)
- Riotgun: Spiral pattern, increased damage slightly
- Rocket launcher: More splash damage, more self damage, decreased projectile speed (1000 up/s)
- Grenade launcher: Strong grenade explodes on contact, tweaked projectile trajectory

§ Tutorials
- Included basic movement demo-tutorials
- With subtitles, voice-over and recams to explain basic movement and bunny hopping

§ Windows, linux and Mac compatible
- However in beta state, Warsow 0.4 is the first release to run on OSX
- Windows in both .zip and installer


This is a selection out of some of the bigger changes from the changelog. There's much more to explore, so I suggest you go on and download your 0.4 flavour of choice (as usual, only a full release and no update available as there were too many media changes), right after these thanks:

Thanks to everyone who put effort into this release, thanks to all the coders, mappers, testers and team members for dedicating their free-time in making this release possible! Thanks community for all the feedback in forums and devblog throughout the development process. Thanks to everyone who supports Warsow!

E infine la pagina dove poter scaricare il gioco, ovviamente open source e GRATIS!
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